Understanding How A Circulating Hot Water Pump Works

A circulating hot water pump is a handy addition to have in your home. It keeps the water in your pipes hot at all times just for your convenience. If you are interested in having one installed in your home, this article will explain to you how the pump works. Then you can understand what you stand to gain from the upgrade, plus you can decide if you are ready to have the installation carried out.

Step 1: Hot water from the heater starts to cool

Normally, hot water leaves the water heater and is used via faucets, the washing machine and the bathroom. However, a good amount of hot water remains in the pipes once the supply is shut off at the usage points. This hot water then sits in the pipes and starts to cool off. Without a circulating pump, this is the same cold water you'll experience next time you turn the taps on. However, with a circulating pump, the cold water triggers a sensor that turns the pump on.

Step 2: The circulating pump starts to work

The circulating pump is usually fixed on the last fixture farthest from the water heater. When the pump is turned on, it starts to pump the now cold water from the hot water piping back to the water heater via a return line. This allows the cooled water to get reheated back in the tank before it can be pumped out again. In some cases, the cooled water is redirected to the water heater via the cold water piping.  

Step 3: Hot water is redirected back to the pipes

When the cooled water is redirected back to the water heater, space is created inside the hot water pipes. Hot water from the water heater immediately flows to fill this space. By doing so, hot water is now reinstated back inside your pipes. If you turn your faucets on at this point, you will enjoy hot water instantly without having to wait for the initial cold water to pass.

Step 4: Hot water cools again and the process resumes

After some time, the new hot water in the hot water piping starts to cool as well. The rate of cooling will depend on how often the taps are being turned on. If there's little hot water usage going on, the water will remain dormant and cool at a fast speed. Again, the thermostat's sensor will be activated by the cold temperature and this will start the pump again. This cycle will continue on and on.

In a simple, yet effective, way, the circulating pump allows you to enjoy instant hot water every time. If you would like to enjoy the same, talk to a professional, such as Ln Electric Motors Limited, about having the installation carried out.